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1. Automate reviews

After your customer places an order in your shop we will sent a optimized review invite e-mail to request a review about your webshop. You can set when to sent the invite e-mail. Simply install our integration into your webshop and our system will take care of generating automated reviews for you.

You can also choose to use the easy invite link into your own e-mails for more personalisation. Unlike other review providers we encourage consumers to write longer higher quality reviews and we compensate them with a small financial reward for their time. This gets you better feedback and consumers will review more often, win-win!

Google SERP review stars Feedbackplatform
Simple and clean multi language invite emails
Google SERP review stars Feedbackplatform
Showcasing reviews increases revenue

2. Showcase your reputation

Now that you are getting reviews in, it's time to showcase your great online reputation on your own webshop. We have many widgets to simply integrate this into your webshop building more trust and in return getting you more revenue.

If you use our integration it's a 1 click proces to showcase your star ratings into your own webshop.

Ready to increase your customers trust and grow your webshop to the next level?

3. Net Promoter score®

It's important to listin to what your customers have to say in order to improve your business. The Net promoter score tells you how happy your customers are with you.

It's pretty simple, when a customer leaves a review they give stars from 1 to 5 where each star represents 2 points. Stars 1 to 3 are considered unhappy customers. 4 stars are considered neutrals and 5 stars are happy customers. Your NPS = Unhappy customers - happy customers.

NPS score Feedbackplatform
Learn from your customers and improve your business
Google SERP review stars Feedbackplatform
Show your review stars in Google

4. Higher rankings in Google

By generating independent reviews we automatically create Google rich snippets which will appear in the search results improving your online presence and traffic.

In your dashboard you can see exactly how many people clicked on your business profile from Google to measure the CTR (click through rate) by using the Feedbackplatform.

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We love building great software and thinking globally so we have thought of everything for you. With the Feedbackplatform you can scale up as your webshop grows.

Multiple domains

You can control multiple webshops from 1 account.

Multiple languages supported

We are active in 14 countries and support the most common languages.

Advanced statistics

Monitor exactly how your business online reputation is doing over time.


You can integrate our software with all popular webshop platforms.

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