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Skyrocket your webshop to the next level by using our AI optimized software to get valuable feedback from your customers. Our review system for webshops will get you quality reviews 24/7, giving you time to focus on selling more products and by reading our data you know where to improve so you can get better each day.

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1. Setup automatic reviews

Integrate your webshop with our powerful extension custom build for all mayor e-commerce platforms to setup automatic review invites.

2. Analyse the reviews

Go through the reviews you receive and see on what areas you can improve, with our Net promoter score (NPS) you can also measure how happy your customers are.

3. Improve your webshop

Take your customer's feedback and turn it into actions to keep your company ready for the future. With our software you become a data drivin company.

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Feedback platform

Our main focus from the start is to help webshop owners gather valuable feedback from their customers as easy as possible to increase their conversions and rankings in Google by showing rich snippets with rating stars.

Our software will help you grow your business from the moment of joining our platform. What are you waiting for?

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Founded in 2014 with a small office in The Netherlands, now active in 14 countries innovating everyday on what the e-commerce market needs. Secret to succes? Happy customers!


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We offer a free to use package that remains free forever. As the only review company we compensate our reviewers for writing longer higher quality reviews. We hate contracts! With us you can easily upgrade/downgrade at anytime and refund you the difference the same day.

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"Independent review platform for webshops to gain valuable customers insights. We are the only company who compensate our reviewers for their time to get higher quality reviews."

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